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Who Should Prepare Your Taxes? Part Two

ShareIn part two of this blog  we will talk just a little about  tax preparers other than CPA’s, Attorney’s, and EA’s.  We will also discuss some recommendations and conclusions about who you should use for your income tax preparation and … Continue reading

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Who Should Prepare Your Taxes? Part One

ShareI try not to post blogs this long, but consider this an important issue with a lot of information you should pay attention to.  I am going to try splitting it into two parts.  This first part will cover CPA’s, … Continue reading

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Filing allowed for Depreciation and Education Credit Forms

ShareThe Internal Revenue Service has announced that it will begin processing returns with depreciation forms (form 4562) on February 10, 2013.  They also announced that those returns claiming  education credits will begin to be processed on February 14. These two … Continue reading

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Should We Build A Death Star?

ShareThis issue is not heavily tax related, but is interesting nonetheless.  It is also interesting to note that the White House has increased the number of signatures required to respond to a petition to 100,000 from 25,000 since this petition … Continue reading

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How Many Wealthy People Are There?

ShareWith the recent battles over tax laws we have heard a lot about the wealth and that their percentage of the tax burden should increase.  I have found a little bit of information at the Tax Foundation which gives some … Continue reading

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