Why I became a CPA

We thought it would be a good idea to inject some humor into these posts, so we are going to throw out a listing of several reasons someone might want to become a CPA

1.  Nobody gets an Academy Award until we say so.

2.  You have Credentials People Admire.

3.  I am a bit rebellious at times.  My Mama wanted me to be a rock star, so it was my way to rebel.

4.  Only accountants know what a widget is.

5.  Nobody ever asks “How do you spell that?”

6.  In Scrabble, accountant (14) is worth more than either doctor (9) or lawyer (12).

7.  You get to experience 5 seasons per year:  summer, fall, winter, spring, and tax.

8.  You get to work the standard 70 hour work week.

9.  Free physical fitness program for audit staff required to carry 20 pound audit bags.

10.  Your debits and credits are always equal.  (you probably need a little accounting background to get that one.)

11.  The secret handshakes and club jackets are the coolest.

12.  You have the opportunity to become a client’s number one trusted advisor.

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