You might be a CPA if….

We thought it might be time for just a little more humor.  These are an outgrowth of the Jeff Foxworthy you might be a redneck if… jokes.

You might be a CPA if:

  • You think there are 5 seasons in the year.  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Tax.
  • Your 2 year old knows the due dates of tax returns.
  • Your children think April 16 is a national holiday.
  • You can run a 10 key adding machine without looking but type with 2 fingers using the hunt and peck method.
  • You name your twins Debit and Credit.
  • You keep your Christmas list on an excel spreadsheet.
  • You think Pentel pencils are a great stocking stuffer.
  • You update your personal financial statement monthly.
  • You hang your Christmas ornaments with paper clips.
  • You organize the money in your wallet by denomination (ones, fives, tens, etc).  Most of us think there is no other way to organize money.  Some of us further organize the bills by serial number.
  • You look forward to the holidays because there is less traffic on the way to work.
  • A new IRS form gives you the chills.


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